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We help established and emerging product managers land more phone screens, interviews and offers. Pay us only if you land a job.

5 Day Crash Course to Land Your Dream Product Job at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and more

Every morning for 5 days we’ll email you insider tips on resumes, case studies, networking, and more on how our members landed offers at EACH these companies:
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Learn the frameworks used by our members who landed FAANG offers:

  • How to edit your resume to get picked out by recruiters for the 1st interview 
  • Crush the behavioral questions like a true PM 
  • Nail the technical questions even as a non-technical candidate 
  • ​Learn frameworks to navigate any tricky case study
  • ​Networking with FAANG recruiters
  • ​and more

FREE for the next 7 days

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About Product Gym

Product Gym™ is the first professional career coaching service committed to helping aspiring and veteran Product Managers transition into the Product Manager job of their dreams. PG helped 500+ Product Gym members increase their amount of Product Manager interviews, and ultimately, convert those interviews into offers.

FREE for the next 7 days

Hear What Our Members Say

"The team brings vast experience from seeing PM roles and interviews of all sizes and shapes and provide invaluable, no BS feedback that can really be applied with great effectiveness. Although I was remote, the program was equally effective and gave me tons of ammo in getting interview calls and doing my interviews well. "

- Anand
"Two months into this ambitious cycle, I landed two PM offers and ended up taking one of them. Despite the fact that my current role is completely different than my previous one, I was able to secure a significant pay raise and more flexible working conditions. "

- Andrew F. 
"From the in-person and web-based coaching calls, twice a week informative classes, plethora of resources through the Student Portal, and around-the-clock support from the team as well as the wider PG community, this program was everything I could have asked for in terms of accelerating me towards the next chapter of my professional career. One thing I will note is that this program is not a walk in the park – you will get what you put into it, just like anything else in life.” "

- M. Wang
" Quitting is not an option in this program and you really learn how to turn a shortcoming in your life into a lifelong success story that you’ll always recall in times of hardship. While these people might sound harsh to you, the way they tell you the facts and make objective observations about your progress is really what is needed to turn your life around. As I said before, I see Product Gym as a true, honest friend. "

- Ayesha G. 
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